Our starting point is always the need of the customer and we evaluate our customers' digital possibilities as a whole.

Methods and system planning

The customer has a large role in product design and testing. Agile development allows the project to evolve based on the customers' need and feedback from the end-users.

Design Sprint

In a Design sprint we brainstorm and design a prototype together with the customer where solution along the interface is finalized. Design sprints are an effective way of finding a solution and the goal is to refine a finished product through intense planning and testing. The diversity of the group is important because different perspectives yield better results. 

UI Design

While designing a user interface, the customer is part of the planning and testing the solution together with Anders developers. A good user interface plays a key role in a high-quality user experience, as a result it increases our clients’ competitive edge. User interface is the part of the system that gives the end-user both visual and logical first impressions. That’s why the user interface should be well planned and logical. 

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