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Consulting and helping City of Helsinki on their journey to build and release services Open Source for everybody

Helsinki is Finland's cultural, administrative, political and business center with over 600 000 inhabitants.

It is the hometown of many large enterprises and the country's largest employer. The City of Helsinki offers various social, healthcare, transport, daycare, education, culture, housing and other services for citizens.

The City of Helsinki is leading the way in software development in the municipal sector. Both in-house and contracted developers build modern web services for citizens with open APIs, with a focus on the use and even release of open source technologies. These APIs can be used by everybody to develop their own services and systems.

Anders is helping the City of Helsinki achieve the goal of making city services available and open for everybody. We provide the City with the best Python programmers and software and infrastructure architects available.

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Juha Reini

Juha Reini

Director, Sales & Marketing

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