We love boldness and sense of humour. We loathe cookie-cutter jargon and avoid clichés and boring solutions. Our strong team spirit and easy-going athmosphere has also brought us success in the Great Place to work study.

Ein bisschen Anders

We’re the best Python tamer in Finland, and we trust Open Source technologies. For every Andersian, we plan an individual career path and support it along the way. We have a wide range of projects and we promise that you won't get bored with us. We offer a competitive salary and multiple other benefits - e.g. you get to enjoy sport and cultural benefits in your leisure time. You may also choose to work either remotely or at the office, that is totally up to you.

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Open positions

Why Anders? We believe that sometimes it’s time to change scenery. The grass might not be greener, but it’s new, different and can take your skills to a new level. At Anders we have interesting (or at least different) projects and we do our utmost in not seating you at customer premises. We believe that an employee reaches best results and is happier in a familiar setting in his/her own work environment. 

More experienced guys at Anders get to tutor and mentor younger developers. We encourage people to give lectures, talks, write blogs and teach others. You can choose your own toolset and it’s up to you how you want to decorate your own table or leave it as it is. Really the only thing we force upon you is your colleagues, but because they are a bunch of awesome people, it’s actually a good thing. 

Responsibility is not pushed on people, rather one can take us much of it as one wants. At us you get to be yourself. No need to dress up for work, then again, it’s not forbidden either. 

We wish from you that 

  • You are familiar with or willing to learn Python/Django, React or Javascript 
  • You also have experience from other technologies than the ones above, as we don’t want to box ourselves in, but rather implement projects based on the needs of the customer 
  • You are interested in software development as a craft and have a wish to grow as a developer 
  • You have experience from software development projects and you also wish to share your learnings with other developers 

In addition, we value 

  • Experience in agile software development methods 
  • Customer centricity 
  • Fluency in Finnish (note that this is not a must!) 

Project examples from the spring 2018

  • Pharmaceutical webshop as a mobile application, made with Python/Django, React and React Native
  • Underwater tracking and information system application
  • Large scale software infrastructure with Django and Magento along with different integrations to third party systems, such as .NET integration to Microsoft product
  • Complex multishop ecommerce system with customized solutions
  • Multiple public sector services utilizing open source technologies (mostly Django & React)

Why Anders?

Our success in the Great Place to Work studies tells a lot about how we feel about our employees. We will support your professional development in many ways and encourage employees also to participate in developing our company. When the organisational culture is being originated and nurtured by employees, it becomes authentic, honest and laid-back.

What we're looking for

We’re on the hunt for two (2) Technical Sales Specialists to join our sales team at our Anders Innovations, Vancouver office. We are a fast-growing global technology consulting company selling and marketing our SHUUP.COM e-commerce platform product to our clients worldwide. We work with some of the leading clients in the world, such as Boston Consulting Group, Realty One and other Fortune 5000 companies.

What you'll do

As a Technical Sales Specialist, you will perform the following duties:

  • Maintain and grow sales relationships with existing clients
  • Identify and solicit potential clients
  • Assess clients' needs, recommend and assist in the selection of appropriate software features, and negotiate prices and other sales terms in Canada and United States
  • Provide input for development teams in Finland, Europe, for product design and features, when software must be tailored to suit clients' needs
  • Develop sales presentations, proposals and other materials to illustrate benefits from using our software and services
  • Estimate costs of software license, installing and development of
  • Prepare and administer sales contracts and maintain customer records
  • Consult with clients after sale to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support
  • Troubleshoot technical problems related to the software
  • Develop and maintain technical product and development service knowledge to explain features to clients and answer questions about features and services
  • Develop, implement and report on marketing plans and sales strategies to achieve business goals
  • Assess market conditions and competitors' activities and develop an awareness of emerging markets and trends
  • Offer training in the operation and maintenance of SHUUP.COM

What you'll need to bring

  • A university degree or college diploma in a program related to the sales, e-commerce and digital marketing
  • 1-year experience in sales or in a technical occupation related to the e-commerce platforms and digital marketing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Fluency in a Finnish and/or Spanish language
  • Work or travel experience to United States and/or Finland, Europe, considered as an advantage.

Additional information

  • Company training programs for technical sales specialists will be provided by the employer.
  • Progression to sales management positions is possible with additional training or experience.

Work schedule

37.5 hours per week.

Rate of pay

Annual Salary; $54,960.

Physical work location

375 Water St, 2nd Floor, Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6, Canada

Other information

Recruitment Process: An applicant will be required to demonstrate their suitability for this position by meeting the minimum level of qualifications and experience in order to be invited into the selection process. A standard interview format will be used including general, scenario and behavioral descriptive interview questions.

Please save your (1) cover letter, and your (2) resume as one pdf document prior to sending them via email to

Posting Date: July 31, 2019
Closing Date: Open until filled

Please note that only those short listed will be contacted.

You can submit an open application if none of the listed positions suit you. We will contact you when a suitable position comes available.


Personnel benefits

Why choose Anders? Check out our versatile benefits and make your choice. We take care of you!

Great place to work®

Anders is certificated Great place to work® employer.

Responsible tasks

Employees can have more responsibilities whenever wanted.

Flexible working hours

Trust enables flexible working hours.

Remote possibility

In expert work it doesn't matter where or when, as long as the work is done.

Choose your tools

macOS, Linux, Windows? Choose whatever suits you best.

Lunch benefit

Common lunches are the best part at work.

Breakfast benefit

Cereals for every morning, Friday brunches together.


Often includes Playstation and craft beer.


Employees allocate 10% of working hours to education and can purchase trainings.

Private healthcare

Mehiläinen helps when flu strikes an employee.

Common hobbies

Weekly afterworks, game nights, sports and brewery unite Andersians.

New technologies

We always aim to use cutting-edge technology in our projects.

Low hierarchy

Our leaders encourage flat organisational politics.

Exercise and culture benefits

Andersians are supported to enjoy the hobbies they love.


We pay bonuses quarterly if set goals are achieved.

Possibility to affect

We wish every employee to share their ideas for developing Anders' business.