Shopping is becoming mobilized

Shopping is becoming mobilized

Jan. 3, 2013 Anders Innovations

The latest Ericsson Consumer Insight Report showcases current shopping trends in the US. No big surprises here, really.

As the report states widespread use of smartphones is changing our shopping habits. Shopping is becoming mobilized. Stores are transforming into showrooms with touchable screens, QR codes, etc.

No more online vs. offline

About 4/10 US smartphone owners use smartphones to make small payments, scan product barcodes and download coupons.

Increased smartphone usage means that we have the ability to be online anytime and anywhere. We are interacting with the world through mobile apps and online shopping services.

As we are constantly switching between online and offline – there is no longer any sense to talk about them separately.  We are not losing ourselves in the depths of the virtual world, but rather physical and virtual are becoming one and the same.

Both ways appeal to people

Online shopping allows almost limitless selection and no crowds and queues, but people are not just sitting home and ordering goods online.

We want to spend good time at the city with our friends and family. We want to browse shops, and to see, touch and try new things with our senses. According to the report, 80 % of US shoppers like to do just this.

The number one thing people dislike in online shopping is the fact that they can't do this "sensing" online. This is even bigger dislike then delivery times and security concerns in online shopping.

Smartphone brings the best of both worlds

So, people clearly want best of both worlds. Shoppers want to browse shops and touch and try out the products. At the same time people appreciate the benefits of online shopping: easy and direct purchases, price transparency and product reviews.

Mobilized shopping is becoming a part of the natural flow of everyday life. Ericsson report has a fancy new term for this. Instead of online shopping, we are now talking about in-line shopping.

Here's another interesting infographic on shopping and smartphones.

Smartphones Rule as Shopping Tools

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