306 products per second - Amazon breaks the record once more

306 products per second - Amazon breaks the record once more

Dec. 28, 2012 Anders Innovations

Amazon reported yet again high sales for last year. Holiday shopping season was especially prolific for the e-commerce giant.

Record sales were once again made both during Thanksgiving and holiday season, Amazon reported in their press statement detailing the company’s earnings and results for 2012.

Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, was a staggering success for Amazon. The company sold over 27 million products during that single day, which means a record-breaking pace of 306 products per minute. Mobile sales channels played again a strong role: toys alone were purchased with mobile devices with the rate of a toy per second.   

Amazon’s Kindle devices dominate the market. Launched 15 weeks ago, Kindle Fire HD is, along with Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and the basic Kindle, internationally one of the best-selling products in Amazon.com.

Amazon also features one hugely popular product which is important for Finns. This is of course the mind-blowingly popular Angry Birds. Funnily enough, Angry Birds toys sold during the holiday shopping seasons could be used to create a heap which would be 285 times taller than the world’s tallest tree in California’s Redwood forest.

We have also seen new records for digital downloads during the holidays: during the Christmas Day 23 million movies, games, magazines and books were downloaded, etc. Digital content in Amazon has also grown in other ways during this year. Over 175 000 books were added to Kindle Store. Over 250 000 virtual book copies were sold and in addition 250 000 books were added to the Kindle’s shared virtual library (the previous year it had 75 000 titles).

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