About us

From the beginning, I wanted to create a workplace for myself and for other employees where everything is done in the right way, and with great passion.

Tomi Alapaattikoski, Founder, Chairman of the Board

What Anders is all about?

Anders produces high quality digital solutions for companies and public sector units.

We have a decade of experience with designing and implementing digital solutions, building challenging integrations and having a long-term maintenance of our services. We firmly trust open source solutions because they offer an independent platform and a worldwide developer community. The open source solutions also represent a high level of security.

Our whole process is very flexible for our customers and we can offer highly scalable solutions due to our agile development methods. During the development process the client can actively influence the outcome of the project to ensure the desired result. We also offer consulting services and our expertise to ensure that our customers needs are met.

As a partner we are flexible, customer oriented and proactive. We always strive to make a real difference and concrete long-term results for our customers. We aim to handle all of our projects with a positive grasp without it affecting our high quality standards. We are one of Finland’s fastest growing tech companies and we have over 50 employees on two continents. Our company has received multiple awards and prices over the years related to growth and employee happiness.

AWOD - Anders Way of Doing

AWOD is our own method of agile development which we utilize in our work. The method allows the whole process to be very flexible and open for our clients. Our clients can actively affect to the project that we are developing for them. AWOD-method allows us to offer highly scalable systems with which we can ensure the desired outcome.

Identifying customer's needs
Generating ideas, concept and design
Iterative agile development in one to four week sprints
Finished product and a satisfied customer

Anders' values

Anders' values are voted by our employees and they represent our organisation the best.


Professionalism at Anders means dedication to ensure the best possible quality for our clients, and to take pride in the solutions we create. We are constantly developing our operations and we want to be the leading company in our industry.


We strive to always be one step ahead of others and think of new innovative solutions to enable our customers success. Our way of working aims towards a culture where we give room for creative development and encourage our employees to constantly learn.


Reliability means a lot more than a reliable, working software for our clients. It means us ensuring that the whole supply chain works effortlessly and that we work for the benefit of our customer.


Our way of working relies on openness, which feeds trust both inside and outside the company. Our transparency can be noticed in everything we do. We want to create an atmosphere where anyone who works at Anders has a chance to make a difference.

Interested in working with us?

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Juha Reini

Juha Reini

Director, Sales & Marketing


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